Why some of the ‘clean’ hydrogen hubs in the U.S. plan to use natural gas, a fossil fuel

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This CNBC article quotes EFI Foundation Senior Vice President of Research Alex Kizer multiple times, first on the need for hydrogen hubs to demonstrate their feasibility across different stages of development to receive funding awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy: At each phase, you’re going to need to meet certain technical, economic, and community benefits requirements in order to receive that funding,” he said.

Kizer also underscored the value of the hubs for testing various options for producing clean hydrogen: “It’s so important that hubs be available to evaluate and demonstrate all of these different options,” he said. “[Not] all pathways are created equal, but having the hubs with these regional components with these different technologies, exploring these various configurations is so important for us to move up the learning curve on what our clean hydrogen future is.”

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