A tribute statement to the late AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka from Ernest Moniz

Mr. Richard Trumka, late president of the AFL-CIO; photo from Mr. Trumka’s LinkedIn profile.

“Rich Trumka was a giant in the U.S. labor movement who worked tirelessly for the working men and women of this country and beyond. His loss comes at a critical time, with unions deeply engaged in shaping the major social, environmental and equity issues of our day. His leadership will be missed.

I will also miss Rich Trumka as a friend and colleague. As Energy Secretary, I knew Rich as a steadfast ally for a clean energy future that would encompass the creation of quality jobs that support families.

Last year, we created the Labor Energy Partnership, a joint venture between our organizations committed to creating and preserving quality jobs while tackling the climate crisis. Just last month, he led a critical discussion on the importance of supporting both jobs and clean energy options in the Ohio River Valley.

My heart goes out to Barbara, Rich Jr., and all of Rich’s brothers and sisters in organized labor, as they and we deal with the impact of this tragic loss.”

— Ernest J. Moniz, Founder of the Energy Futures Initiative and U.S. Energy Secretary from 2013–2017

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