Cutting edge CDR technologies to combat climate change

In December, EFI hosted its largest webinar yet to introduce Frontiers of CDR: a series of reports on critical, yet understudied pathways for carbon dioxide removal.

With over 1,000 registrations, the webinar is EFI’s most successful virtual event to date. The reports were introduced in a briefing led by Ernest Moniz, former US Secretary of Energy and founder of EFI.

“The increasing national attention that is being given to ambitious climate goals like reaching net zero by mid-century, and moving towards a net negative economy has kept our growing interest in CDR and led to today’s discussion about the three new reports,” said Ernest J. Moniz.

Following Moniz’s keynote, there were presentations from Brad Ack, Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer, Ocean Visions; Aristides Patrinos, Chief Scientist and Director of Research, NOVIM; and Sasha Wilson, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta. The webinar also included a moderated panel discussion led by Quartz reporter, Michael Coren

This series of reports combines the findings of those workshops with analysis from EFI to provide policymakers with new insight into the potential benefits of these frontier CDR pathways and detail key priority research areas to promote their development.

The reports in this series are:

  • From the Ground Up: Cutting-Edge Approaches for Land-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Uncharted Waters: Expanding the Options for Carbon Dioxide Removal in Coastal and Ocean Environments
  • Rock Solid: Enhancing Mineralization for Large-Scale Carbon Management

All three reports, including an archived video of the various presentations by the lead analysts in each topic area, are available here.

— Claudia Prandoni

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