Hezir presented at West Virginia University program CDR kick-off event

EFI Principal Joe Hezir provided an overview of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) at the Bridge Initiative’s first CDR event on September 24th. The Bridge Initiative is a university-wide program at West Virginia University that closes the gap between science and policy. The Initiative’s CDR program strives to develop a guide for policymakers by Summer 2022 on carbon dioxide removal and sequestration in the state. It plans to convene four working groups that each focus on one of the following: scientific, economic, environmental, and social opportunities and challenges. Hezir emphasized CDR methods for forestry, freshwater wetlands management, and technological capture with geologic sequestration that would be particularly well suited for West Virginia.

Hezir oriented the audience by providing an overview of carbon dioxide removal. He highlighted EFI’s Clearing the Air report and Frontier Series in articulating natural carbon removal, technologically-enhanced natural carbon removal processes, and technological methods. Importantly, he emphasized that carbon removal must be accompanied by mitigation strategies (i.e., limiting our emissions in the first place). Hezir concluded by explaining the economics of CDR and opportunities to expand CDR policy.

Hezir’s presentation slides can be found here and his presentation can be viewed here.

— Angie Kaufman

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