EFI speaks on energy security, natural gas, water

It has been another busy month for thought leadership from the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI). Check out events and panels below featuring the EFI team in late March through April 2022.

Atlantic Council on Cybersecurity

On March 29, Melanie Kenderdine (EFI Principal and Executive Vice President) spoke at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum (GEF) in Dubai during a breakout session named, “Securing the energy transition: Cybersecurity tabletop exercise.” The Atlantic Council GEF annually convenes the world’s leading energy and foreign policy decision-makers to set the global energy agenda for the year ahead. Kenderdine serves as a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center.Check out event coverage: GEF March 29 Forum (session recording will be posted when available)

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Bipartisan Policy Center on Natural Gas

Also on March 29, Joe Hezir (EFI Principal and Executive Vice President) participated as a panelist in a Bipartisan Policy Center event on how natural gas infrastructure can be leveraged for clean fuels and a net-zero economy. “We found that natural gas would play an important role, not only in development, but in the transition to net zero,” Hezir said.

Hezir speaking at the Bipartisan Policy Center event.

Read highlights of Hezir’s remarks: Hezir at the Bipartisan Policy Center on Natural Gas

Sandia National Laboratories on Water 

On April 4, Alex Kizer (EFI Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis) moderated a Sandia National Laboratories webinar titled, “What is Water’s Role in a Carbon Neutral Future?”  The first of a series of three webinars, the event focused on energy and included presentations on hydrogen, biomass technologies, and the importance of balancing renewables in the energy transition.

Promotional content by Sandra National Laboratories.

Event Agenda: What is Water’s Role in a Carbon Neutral Future?

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