EFI statement on Biden election and upcoming transition

We congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris on their victory and are delighted that the President-elect has made re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement a Day One priority. Their Climate Action Plan lays the groundwork for renewed American leadership by offering pathways for deeply decarbonizing our economy, while also recognizing the importance of social justice. There should be no stranded workers or stranded communities from the clean energy transition.
This will require a commitment to technology and policy innovation, optionality, flexibility and coalition building — values that the Energy Futures Initiative is committed to in all aspects of its analytical work. This keeps us laser-focused on the net-zero emissions goal advanced by the President-elect and examining all pathways that enable progress towards successfully meeting this essential goal.
We stand ready to assist the Biden Administration — and the country — in achieving a clean energy future.

Ernie Moniz
Joe Hezir
Melanie Kenderdine

Principals, the Energy Futures Initiative

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