EFI statement on Texas energy debacle on winter storm

“Our thoughts are with the people throughout the south and central US who have been left without power in freezing weather over the past few days — a crisis that has taken at least 20 lives so far and prompted President Biden to declare a state of emergency throughout Texas.

The effects of this ice storm remind us that “once in a generation” extreme weather events are now part of the new normal. This is reminiscent of COVID-19 as a so-called “once in a century” event, when in fact it’s the third coronavirus episode of the 21st century — and we’re only twenty years in. We can no longer take for granted access to reliable electricity — or ignore the need for sustained investment in our energy infrastructure. It’s time for federal, state, and municipal policymakers to join with business leaders to develop a consensus approach to modernizing our energy system as a matter of national urgency. There is no time to waste in developing a program of investment in innovation as the basis of building back better.”

Ernest Moniz
Founder, Energy Futures Initiative

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