EFI quoted on nuclear, Ukraine, security, gas, minerals, and more

Ernest Moniz speaking on MSNBC about nuclear threats from Russia.

From interviews on CNN and MSNBC to mentions in international publications, it has been a busy month for thought leadership from the Energy Futures Initiative. Watch interviews and read articles below featuring EFI leadership.   


On March 11, Ernest Moniz joined MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss rising gas prices and threats to Ukraine’s nuclear power plants. “The solution is to get this military activity out of those plants—frankly, get them out of Ukraine entirely,” Moniz said.  

Watch the interview: Putin’s Nuclear Threat Hangs Over Ukraine  

On March 5, Ernest Moniz spoke with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi about worries of nuclear escalation as the invasion of Ukraine continues. “In the fog of war, miscalculation, blunder, incidents between militaries—can lead to an escalation,” Moniz said.  

Watch interview: “Damage Has Been Done”: Fmr. Obama Energy Secretary tackles Putin’s nuclear posturing & Fmr. Obama Energy Secretary Talks Next Steps in Russian Oil Sanctions   

On February 27, Ernest Moniz sat down for an earlier interview with Andrea Mitchell to discuss Putin’s decision to put Russian nuclear deterrent forces on alert. We have said before that we think that the risk of nuclear use is higher today than it has been since the Cuban missile crisis, and that was a statement made before the Ukraine escalation and Putin’s alerting of his nuclear forces,” Moniz said. “So you can imagine that level of risk is even much, much higher.”  

Watch interview: Fmr. Secy. Ernest Moniz: Risk of nuclear use ‘higher today than it has been since the Cuban missile crisis’   


On March 27, Ernest Moniz appeared on CNN to discuss U.S. energy independence and energy security in Europe with Fredricka Whitfield. “The President, the Secretary of Energy, and the financial institutions should be looking at production from the lens of both climate change and energy security,”  Moniz commented.  

Watch interview:  Joint U.S. & European Task Force Targets Russia’s Energy Venue   

On March 11, Ernest Moniz joined Kate Bolduan to discuss Ukraine’s nuclear power plants and the pause in talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal. “I am very concerned in general, it’s not only Chernobyl , but with other operating nuclear power plants as well, that the staff are clearly under tremendous stress,” Moniz said.  

Watch interview: Ukraine Tells IAEA They Have Lost Communication with Chernobyl Plant  

NBC Universal  

On March 16, Melanie Kenderdine was quoted in an NBC News article with comments on critical minerals and the clean energy transition. “We are going to be competing for these metals and minerals with many countries that have net-zero targets” for emissions, Kenderdine said. “China might supply us with rare earths, but they and other countries are also going to need them for the clean energy transition.”  

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On March 23, Ernest Moniz was quoted in a Politico article by Peter Behr discussing nuclear power and the U.S. energy grid. “There is a near consensus that we’re going to need significant amounts of firm zero-carbon power that will enable wind and solar generation in order to have a reliable and resilient grid,” Moniz said.  

Read article: Ukraine’s plight may boost small reactors if costs are tamed (Article behind paywall) 


On March 15, Ernest Moniz was quoted in an article following interview with the Nihon Keizai Shimbun over negotiations to rebuild the Iran nuclear agreement. Moniz commented that the main focus of the restructuring of the agreement was “not to supplement Russian crude oil (which decided to embargo)” and that “returning to the agreement is the best” for nuclear non-proliferation and stabilization of regional conditions.   

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S&P Global 

On March 16, Alex Kizer was quoted in an S&P article by Brandon Mulder on the move toward hydrogen in the power sector. “Hydrogen does a lot of things that we really need done,” said Kizer. “We need clean, flexible, load-following resources for the grid, and these are things that gas generally does today, where you can call on it at any time. Many people are thinking that that’s maybe something hydrogen can do, too.” 

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On February 28, Joe Hezir was quoted in a Fortune article by Marcus Baram commenting on the generation of nuclear technologies. “Even with deployment of renewable technologies like solar and wind, there is still the issue of intermittency and the need for storage capacity,” said Hezir. “There is still a need for clean, firm power like nuclear.”  Read article: Can nuclear renaissance be the answer to the climate change crisis? (Article behind pay-wall)

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