EFI unveils new website

On March 30, we launched our new Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) website! Housing our 38 reports, workshop recordings, media features, and staff profiles, uplifts our work, gives a platform to EFI’s innovative ideas, and highlights all those who have made it so impactful. Through our independent analysis, stakeholder roundtables, and congressional testimonies, our work has shaped and informed more than ten federal initiatives on clean energy, including the Energy Act of 2020, establishment of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, carbon dioxide removal research and development authorizations and appropriations, and the bipartisan CREATE Act.

Our new, dynamic home page displays our most recent work more prominently, including analysis, stakeholder workshops, and what EFI leadership are saying—all on top energy and climate solutions. 

EFI convenes some of the top minds in the energy sector and conducts rigorous, science-based analysis to identify fastest pathways to a low-carbon energy transition. Giving users full access to the breadth of our work, our reports each have individual landing pages packaged with a report summary, supplemental material, and related content. Users can view or download each report and easily see EFI staff involved in each project. 

The “In the News” section highlights our most notable media features, including op-eds by staff in publications including the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post; feature articles by authors including David Ignatius (The Washington Post), Peter Behr (E&E News), and Sammy Roth (LA Times); and news and late night show interviews with anchors and hosts including Fredricka Whitfield, Andrea Mitchell, and Bill Maher. Our “Insights” section houses EFI news, energy technology and policy primers, and staff highlights. 

In addition to profile pages and downloadable content for each staff member, the website highlights staff by attributing each member to their projects. 

EFI is founded on convening a global network to advance the energy transition and address climate change through science-based research. In doing so, we strive to support the energy workforce. The Labor Energy Partnership, our collaboration with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization, and our work on the U.S. Energy and Employment Reports are featured on unique pages under the “Partnerships” tab. These pages include a history of the partnership and a gallery of our work. 

Head over to to explore these features and more!

Angie Kaufman

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