LEP hosts Energy Secretary Granholm at Earth Day event

To kick off Earth Week celebrations, the Labor Energy Partnership hosted a virtual forum,“Accelerating the Energy Transition: Infrastructure, Jobs and Equity.” The event underscored the importance of coalition building and the need to recognize all affected sectors on the pathway to decarbonization. High-profile leaders across all industries spoke at the event, including U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Over 600 people tuned in for the virtual event.

The Labor Energy Partnership (LEP) was announced last year, an initiative to develop a framework for the 21st Century energy system that creates and preserves quality jobs while addressing the climate crisis.

Sec. Granholm joined LEP co-chairs Richard L. Trumka and Ernest J. Moniz for a fireside chat, unpacking the American Jobs Plan and the U.S. path towards a net-zero future.

“The American Jobs Plan is going to allow us to deploy the technology we have now to reach these clean energy goals, which means adding hundreds of gigawatts of zero carbon energy at the same time as expanding our transmission systems,” said Sec. Granholm.

The webinar served as the first of many LEP sponsored events in 2021. At the forum’s conclusion, Ernest Moniz announced five regional workshops for later in the year, including on Resilient Infrastructure, Hydrogen, Nuclear, and more.

We’re not done yet. Continuing with Earth Week celebrations, the LEP proudly announced its latest report, “The Future of Offshore Wind Energy in the United States.” The report summarizes insights from a high-level roundtable that convened representatives from the administration, labor, industry, and NGOs to discuss domestic off-shore wind opportunities.

The full webinar can be found here.

-Claudia Prandoni

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