Moniz Receives Award for Excellence in Energy Transition Education

Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) CEO and former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz recently received the Inaugural Award for Excellence in Maritime Education and Energy Transition from the Houston Maritime Museum. 

Coverage of the award ceremony.

The museum chose Moniz for this award based on his work advancing the energy transition and tangibly impacting energy policy. Further showing their admiration of his work and expertise, leadership of the Houston Maritime Museum invited Moniz to join their advisory board as an honorary member.

“You have kept the common man always in mind when considering the impact of policy, making an incredible impact on the future of the energy industry,” remarked Sarah Howell, the museum’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Sarah Howell presenting EFI’s Ernest Moniz the Inaugural Award for Excellence in Maritime Education and Energy Transition.

Established in 2000 by James Manzolillo, the Houston Maritime Museum centers on educating the public on the history of ships and sea exploration. The museum allies with industrial partners to further spread the message. Paired with its corporate partners, the museum is newly focused on discussing decarbonization and energy transfer in the maritime industry in response to the climate crisis. 

Upon receiving the award, Moniz spoke of the workers, innovation, and technology necessary to successfully transition to clean energy. He emphasized the need to transition with consideration for workers and families dependent on the jobs supplied by the current, carbon-intensive energy mix. These workers have skills that translate directly to clean energy jobs, like hydrogen. “We need to put people to work who have the skill set,” he urged at the event.

To learn more about the Houston Maritime Museum and Moniz’s visit to the museum, be sure to browse the event webpage.

–Angie Kaufman

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