Op-Ed by Moniz and Stanford University Professor Steven Chu in the LA Times

On November 21, The Los Angeles Times featured an op-ed by EFI CEO Ernest Moniz and Stanford University Professor Steven Chu on the urgent need to keep the California Diablo Canyon nuclear plant open past 2025 to meet the state’s climate goals and continue global efforts to transition to a zero-carbon economy. Moniz and Chu, both former heads of the U.S. Department of Energy, noted that Diablo Canyon accounts for 15% of California’s carbon-free electricity production; without it, California will need to increase its reliance on natural gas — a step backward at a time when we’re experiencing record temperatures, droughts, and wildfires and need all the clean energy possible. “This is not an either-or situation: California needs both Diablo Canon and renewables to significantly reduce emissions over the next two decades,” Moniz and Chu said.

–Sonia Velazquez

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