Op-Ed by Moniz in The Boston Globe

Image of industry by Leung Cho Pan, adapted.

On November 1, The Boston Globe featured an op-ed by EFI CEO and founder Ernest Moniz and EFI Principal Melanie Kenderdine on the urgency to act against the climate crisis, highlighting how “the focus for measuring progress falls squarely on emissions reductions, not on favored or disfavored technologies…. Glasgow can have a material impact on global deep decarbonization, but a pragmatic approach is critical.” They outlined ambitions for the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP26), the international climate summit taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, this year that was just beginning at the time of the op-ed’s publication. They commented on the commitments necessary for the world to move forward in combating climate change, including methane emissions reductions, renewable energy deployment, industrial sector decarbonization, and managing atmospheric carbon through capture and sequestration.

See how COP26 stood up to their expectations by reading the full article.

— Angie Kaufman

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