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The Future of Natural Gas in a Deeply Decarbonized World

Expert Workshop Summary Report

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The Energy Futures Initiative held eight workshops with experts and stakeholders from key regions across the world to explore the role of natural gas in the transition to low- and zero-carbon energy systems in those regions and globally. “The Future of Natural Gas in a Deeply Decarbonized World: Expert Workshop Summary Report” is the result of this effort. It explores a range of issues in the context of global and regional energy policy, climate policy, trade, investment options, and geopolitical and energy security implications. 

Workshop attendees included experts in regional energy and economic activities from a range of backgrounds and experience. The workshops examined demographic and economic trends, policy priorities shaping energy production and end use, the current and anticipated role of natural gas in regional energy mixes, and outlooks for greenhouse gas policy. The regional workshops were conducted from December 2020 through May 2021.

This workshop summary report was released in June 2021 and garnered media attention from S&P Global.

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