Benjamin Bajema


Photo of Ben Bajema

Ben Bajema is an Analyst at the EFI Foundation, where he leverages his background in international relations, economics, and energy policy to support EFI Foundation’s hydrogen and global gas initiatives.

Prior to joining the EFI Foundation, Bajema supported the Economic Division of the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C. by managing agriculture, transportation, and energy policy portfolios to advance Japan’s climate ambitions and align U.S.-Japan foreign policy. Some of his former projects include researching barriers to growth in the global liquified natural gas market and conducting risk analysis of critical mineral supply chains for use in long-duration storage and electric vehicle batteries. Through his interest in critical minerals, Bajema pursued research on neodymium magnet supply chains to identify risks to the clean energy industry and transportation sector as well as areas of potential collaboration between the United States and Japan. 

Bajema is thrilled to join the EFI Foundation research team in solving the most pressing issues surrounding the climate crisis by conducting research on evidence-based solutions for the clean energy transition.  

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