LEP releases report on Ohio River Valley hydrogen and CCUS opportunities

Cover of the LEP’s latest report, released September 22

On July 12th, 2021, the Labor Energy Partnership, a collaboration between the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) and the AFL-CIO, hosted a workshop examining the value of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) hubs to local economies and the global energy transition. With a diverse group of panelists, the workshop featured keynotes from Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Joe Manchin, and White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy. The LEP’s latest report, titled Workshop Summary: Ohio River Valley Hydrogen and CCS Hub Market Formation, summarizes this critical discussion and was published on September 21st, 2021. It is the late former president of the AFL-CIO Rich Trumka’s final contribution to the LEP.

Read the summary here.

-Angie Kaufman

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