David Goldwyn

Distinguished Associate

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David Goldwyn is president of Goldwyn Global Strategies, LLC (GGS), an international energy advisory consultancy.

A thought leader in energy security and extractive industry transparency, he is Chairman of the Atlantic Council Energy Advisory Board and the coeditor of Energy & Security: Strategies for a World in Transition (Wilson Center Press/Johns Hopkins University Press 2013). Goldwyn served as the US State Department’s special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs from 2009 to 2011, reporting directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where he conceived and developed the Global Shale Gas Initiative and the Energy Governance and Capacity Initiative and led ministerial level energy dialogues with the developing world. Goldwyn previously served as assistant secretary of energy for international affairs (1999-2001) and as national security deputy to US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson (1997-98). Goldwyn is a member of the U.S. National Petroleum Council. 

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