Nick Britton

Research Associate

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Nick Britton is a Research Associate at the EFI Foundation, where he analyzes clean energy technologies, climate and sustainability issues, and their relationship to public policy and society.

Britton holds a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies and a minor in government from Dartmouth College. During his time at Dartmouth, he conducted research for the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society, exploring COVID-19’s impact on regional transmission organizations and U.S. electricity markets. Britton also worked as the energy and utilities intern at Dartmouth’s Office of Sustainability, tracking the college’s progress towards sustainability benchmarks. He focused on measuring campus-wide greenhouse gas emissions and crafting a biofuel sourcing framework for Dartmouth’s planned transition to biomass heating. Britton also co-founded the Dartmouth Energy Alliance, an organization designed to cultivate a diverse and inclusive group of students interested in all aspects of energy.

While at Dartmouth, Britton participated in the Environmental Studies Foreign Study Program in South Africa and Namibia, where he contributed to innovative ecological research on rotational land management practices and riparian vegetation health in arid environments. Additionally, Britton independently explored fuelwood energy scarcity and security in rural South Africa with a focus on community-based natural resource management.

Prior to joining the EFI Foundation, Britton worked as the climate & clean energy intern and consultant for David Gardiner and Associates. In these roles, he supported the company’s business development projects focused on cogeneration systems, renewable thermal technologies, modernizing electricity transmission systems, and electrifying transportation. Much of his work focused on researching policies at the federal and state levels and determining their political and economic value for the company’s projects.

In his free time, Britton enjoys hiking, trail running, and spending time outdoors. He also enjoys pursuing his passion for music and playing guitar.

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