Kizer quoted in E&E News article on the future of hydrogen as ‘clean energy’

Tourist bus on hydrogen fuel (Source: Scharfsinn86, GEtty Images)

An E&E News article on hydrogen published on December 20, 2021, quoted Alex Kizer, EFI’s Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis. The article, “Is hydrogen ‘clean energy?’ Infrastructure law spurs fight” by David Iaconangelo, discusses hydrogen’s role in the energy sector in light of more than $8 billion in new federal funding for its development.

On navigating the issue of high costs for the production of low-carbon hydrogen, Kizer commented, “That to me is the million-dollar question. Who pays?” He explained that the goal of using the $8 billion in federal spending on hydrogen hubs is to prove the fuel’s mettle. “We believe hydrogen’s going to be a major contributor to the low-carbon transition. But nobody knows exactly how and where and when,” Kizer said.

In the past year, EFI has published several reports and held several workshops on clean hydrogen “hubs” — projects that reduce the challenges of transporting hydrogen for long distances by developing localized, shared infrastructure for hydrogen production, transportation, and storage. Most recently, in January 2022, EFI released a report on the potential for clean hydrogen hubs in North and South Carolina, summarizing a public workshop and private roundtable that EFI held on this topic in the fall of 2021. Earlier in 2021, EFI held a workshop and published a report on hub market formation in the Ohio River Valley for hydrogen and carbon capture and storage. And in September 2021, EFI rolled out a report detailing the state of the hydrogen market in the United States and the clean hydrogen investment environment, based on more than 70 interviews with leaders across the hydrogen value chain. It is the first in a series of forthcoming EFI reports on pathways for hydrogen market formation in the United States.

To read further about EFI’s research on the clean hydrogen hubs, visit our Reports and Publications page.

— Karla Salazar

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