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The Potential for Clean Hydrogen in the Carolinas

Public Workshop & Private Roundtable Discussion Summary

Cover for The Potential for Clean Hydrogen In the Carolinas report

Hydrogen holds promise as a connecter of existing infrastructure worker skillsets to a future clean energy economy. In October 2021, the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) convened a workshop to explore the concept of a clean hydrogen hub as an economic decarbonization pathway and driver of economic growth for North Carolina and South Carolina. This report outlines key takeaways from the workshop, which included public and private portions. The workshop is part of a series to develop a comprehensive analysis of policy opportunities for further hydrogen development in the United States.

At the October 28 public portion of EFI’s workshop, Lynn Good (CEO of Duke Energy) and Vahid Majidi (Laboratory Director at the Savannah River National Laboratory) examined the role of hydrogen in a clean energy future. Afterward, two panels discussed hydrogen’s commercial maturity, hub examples, and how hydrogen might evolve as part of a regional economically advantageous decarbonization plan. 

On October 29, EFI convened an invitation-only roundtable with stakeholders. In two sessions, participants discussed what collaboration and coordination is needed from local, regional, and federal sectors to explore and potentially create a clean hydrogen economy in the Carolinas. 

This workshop summary report was released in January 2022 and attracted media attention in The News & Observer.


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